Cavities caused heart disease

Cavities are not treated can lead to chronic diseases such as heart infections heart valves, according to the Chairman of the Executive Board of the Indonesian Dental Association, Dr. drg (indonesia dentist). Zaura Rini Anggraeni, MDS.

In the cavities contained Streptococcus bacteria. These bacteria appear because the dirty condition of the teeth, not brushed with a clean and well cared for, obviously Rini at a media event on dental health education in Jakarta on Wednesday.

Streptococcus eroding tooth enamel causing tooth decay and cause infection in the mouth and teeth.
"The bacteria originated from a tooth infection and will be carried by the blood vessels, so it is very easy to spread," she said.

"When carried in the blood vessels, it would be very easy germs fester in the heart, especially when the condition of the body is in a weakened state," said Rini added.
Because it follows the flow of the blood vessels, Streptococcus will not only heart attack but also the kidneys, lungs, stomach, and even aggravate the condition of blood sugar in people with diabetes mellitus, he explained.

Fruits For Your Beautiful Hair

Most of the women were still complaining about the hair problem and crave healthy beautiful hair. Was also not easy to get, many routine maintenance has to be done.
And if it does not always have the time and cost to the salon.

You can try the treatment at home with fruits. Yes, that’s right.
Fruits have benefits and nutrients that are not only good for the body alone, but also for the hair.
Here are the fruits should be consumed to help maintain the health and beauty of hair.

Dry hair
Try the consumption of pineapple, guava, grapes, apple, mango and banana. All these fruits are rich in vitamin A, C and E, which functions to help keep the hair moisture.

Hair loss
If your hair loss, try papaya consumption. The fruit is also good for digestion is known to help improve hair follicle, so he does not break easily and fall out.

Strengthen the hair roots
And if your hair is oily hair type, of course, a dilemma of having to apply almond oil on the scalp. But take it easy, you can still eat soy or almond to strengthen hair roots.
The surplus, the hair is so strong, not easy to fall off as well as shinier hair shaft.

Hair dandruff
If your hair dandruff, you can eat grapefruit or also apply as a mask on the scalp.
The orange juice will make the scalp more fresh and reduce excessive oil content. So hair feels clean, soft and gentle.
However, eating fruit alone is not enough you know, Ladies. So, also add with other nutrients such as protein, zinc, calcium and iron.

Secrets of Long Hair Without Loss , No Branches.

Like but lazy have long hair because the edges are dry, broken, loss and branching. Though already use good shampoo and conditioner, but the problem is remains?

Hair loss and split ends is to be the most frustrating problem for women, especially those who crave long and healthy hair. Striking colors of broken parts make unsightly hair.

Actually it is not really hard to overcome, and you also do not need to cut your long hair. The trick?

Just follow some of these tips.

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Beautiful 5 Facts About Honey.

Honey may be a friend to you and your family. In addition to sweet, honey is also very good for health and beauty. There are many benefits contained in a tablespoon of honey that you drink every day.

Do you still doubt the efficacy of honey? Try it read pretty facts about honey and get ready to go to the nearest store to buy your favorite honey.

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6 Practical and Easy Hair Style For Everyday

Hair is shoulder length exceeded, would cut unfortunately, but confused what to do. Parsed just tired, too tired ponytail, braided it felt really really naive .. what should you do?

Calm down ladies, you can try 6 hairstyle practical, fun and did not set it to 5 minutes. Suitable for those of you who are always busy but want to look cool. If you are adept at applying this hair style, guaranteed there will be no more death or bored with the style of haircut that’s it, too.

To be more cool, spend some hair accessories. Choose a theme corresponding to the events you will attend.
Is there a tutorial that difficult? If you are practicing, it will not be difficult anymore. 6 cool hair style can be yours;)